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  • Game Zone

    Here is a wide selection of booth games that are novel, interesting and easy to play. This is a joyful carnival for the young and old. Exchange for some game coins and try to win your desired prizes!

  • Snoopy City Traffic

    Children can drive Snoopy “bubu” cars to learn traffic rules and have a taste of driving.

  • Happy Water World

    Play and dance with Peanuts characters in the water with exciting water-pumping devices.

  • Charlie Brown's House

    In a sunny afternoon, you walk in a big red house that you usually see in fairytales to visit Charlie Brown in person. In the small house, you see Charlie Brown in classic scenes as those in the comic strip. Play an interesting game with Charlie Brown. Don’t forget to take a lovely picture with Charlie Brown before leaving!

  • Snoopy Exhibition Hall

    The Snoopy Exhibition Hall is the starting point for you to explore the Peanuts comic strip. Besides the Peanuts stories, you will see previous manuscripts of the author and comics from around the world. There are even souvenirs with old versions of the Peanuts characters being sold. Buy a Snoopy to keep your memory alive.

  • Fun Interactive Stage

    The Peanuts Ball is a stage play that combines diverse performance elements through musical and performance by the comic strip characters. You will enjoy an intimately interactive experience with the Peanuts characters.


  • Wedding Castle

    The white church symbolizes flawless and sacred relationship. Make your dream come true by having a romantic fairytale-like wedding with Peanuts characters’ witness.

  • Fantasy Adventure 5D Cinema

    The Fantasy Adventure 5D Cinema thrills your senses of vision, hearing and touch. The 5D effects will bring you exceptional sensory experience and a vivid world of the Peanuts comic.

  • -Water Bumper

    You bump with other floats on the water, having fun of water splashing.

  • Spinning Coaster

    The Spinning Coaster is a roller coaster of brand new design. During the ride, passengers may go through various revolution movements when soaring into the sky and diving to the ground. The movements are diverse; you will feel unprecedented thrills during the breathtaking ups and downs.

  • Tea House on the Tree

    Enjoy some leisure time in the tree house with soft breezes and cooling shades.

  • Spinning Funland

    The colorful spinning cups revolve around the Snoopy at the center and on its own axis. Passengers in the cups will experience multi-revolving movements, which is ideal for parent-child bonding time.

  • Double-Decker Music Carousel

    The Double-Decker Music Carousel is so grand and dreamlike. Horses of unique forms gallop gracefully with intricately carved chariots moving under cheerful and light-hearted music. Just like princesses and knights entering a classic and luxury palace while recalling times of love and dreams in fairytales.

  • Star-Shaped Pool

    Look! Snoopy and Woodstock are playing in a special style star-shaped fountain. Come and take a picture with them!

  • Woodstock Store

    At the Woodstock Store, you can choose from a wide range of cloths, stationery, ornaments, accessories and other souvenirs. These are exquisite gifts combining elements of the comic strip and fashionable elements with all price options. You can find all sorts of appealing, lovely, cute and cool Snoopy and friends. Take them home and give a surprise to your best friends and family members.

  • Bus Stop

    At the School Bus Stop, take a ride with Snoopy and his friends to have an amazing trip in the park. Here, you can buy various beautiful souvenirs, find the yellow school bus behind a maze, try to catch a stuffed Snoopy toy, and take photos with Peanuts characters to keep your childhood memories alive.

  • Sightseeing Tower

    The cars printed with images of Peanuts characters will take passengers up and down vertically. At the highest point, you can observe the whole Snoopy Fun Fun Garden and the mature commercial area of the New Town District in Shunde.

  • Peanuts Boat Ride

    Join us for a water ride on the colorful boats. Along the river full of childhood memories, you will see scenes of the Peanuts comic strip and lively Peanuts characters, as if they are laughing and playing happily right next to you.

  • Fun Fun Journey

    Get on the Snoopy wonder mini train, which takes you through the dreamy and childlike Peanuts world. Be ready to start your very own adventure to find Snoopy.

  • Wonder Photography Studio

    This is a backdrop composed of Peanuts characters. The park will design different themes and styles for the characters based on special festivals. Welcome to take pictures with your friends over here and capture the memorable moment.

  • DIY Workshop

    The cheery and mischievous Snoopy is waiting for you at the rooftop with paint buckets in all sorts of colors. Here you will find different DIY workshops hosted by Snoopy Fun Fun Garden. Come unleash your creativity and make your own exquisite handicraft!

  • Lucy's House

    The moment you step into Lucy’s House, you are surrounded by a pink world: pink wardrobes, a pink dressing table and pink walls. This is the dream house especially designed for girls. Every girl coming here can participate in Lucy’s party by putting on makeups and dressing up like a princess.

  • Snoopy and His Plane

    Snoopy is dressed as the coolest cutest pilot and he is ready to soar in the sky. Pose for a picture before he takes off.

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