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Peanuts Characters


Charlie Brown:

first appearance October 2, 1950

Charlie Brown tries his best ateverything he does, but strikes outall the same. He manages the world’sworst Little League team, forever battlesthe kite-eating tree, and just can’t musterthe courage to talk to the Little Red-HairedGirl. Despite his own troubles he’s alwaysa good big brother, a devoted pet ownerand all-around Good ol’ Charlie Brown.



first appearance October 4, 1950

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s dog andthe neighborhood’s favorite beagle.A legend in his own mind, Snoopycan take to the skies as the WorldWar I Flying Ace, rule the collegecampus as Joe Cool or write anotherunpublished manuscript as the WorldFamous Author. No matter where hisimagination takes him, Snoopy always comesback to his doghouse for suppertime from“that round-headed kid.”



first appearance April 4, 1967

Woodstock’s fluttering doesn’t get himvery far. Lucky for him, he always lands onSnoopy’s doghouse! Woodstock is Snoopy’sbest friend and confidant, whether it’s asfaithful mechanic to the World War IFlying Ace, stalwart secretary to the HeadBeagle or root beer drinking buddy on NewYear’s Eve; Woodstock is never far from Snoopy’sside and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sally Brown:

first appearance August 23, 1959

Sally Brown is Charlie Brown’s littlesister and believes the world owesher an explanation. Why is her bigbrother such a loser? Why does she haveto go to school? Why doesn’t Linus, her SweetBabboo, love her? And what’s the capitalof Venezuela? Sally is always on the huntfor answe

rs and when she doesn’t getthem, she circles back to her originalphilosophy: “who cares?”


Lucy Van Pelt:

first appearance March 3, 1952

Lucy is known around theneighborhood for being crabbyand bossy. Whether it’s happilylisting all of Charlie Brown’s faults or forcingher brother Linus to give up his blanket, Lucyalways believes she is right. She even runsher own Psychiatric Booth at a modestprofit! Lucy loves a good practical joke,hates being kissed by dog-lipsand can only be tamed bySchroeder’s music.


Linus Van Pelt:

first appearance September 19, 1952

Linus is the smartest kid on theblock (though he would neveradmit it). Linus is surprisinglywell-adjusted for being Lucy’slittle brother. He is the voiceof reason and philosophy aroundthe neighborhood. He is CharlieBrown’s best friend and his secondbaseman. He can always be foundon Halloween night waiting for theGreat Pumpkin and keeping warmwith his blanket.


Peppermint Patty:

first appearance August 22, 1966

Peppermint Patty lives in a differentneighborhood from her pal Charlie“Chuck” Brown. Peppermint Patty’sschool days are dominated by D-minusesbut after school she’s all aces on the ball-field! Baseball, football and skating arejust a few of the sports she excels at andjust one of the reasons her dad alwayscalls her “his rare gem.”



first appearance July 20, 1971

Marcie is Peppermint Patty’s bestfriend and the complete oppositeof her. Where Peppermint Patty struggleswith D-minuses in class, Marcie is a whiz,and while Peppermint Patty hits home runs,Marcie can’t tell the difference betweenbaseball and hockey. Marcie is fond ofCharlie Brown, whom she calls “Charles”and will never leave Peppermint Patty’sside, whom she calls “Sir.”



first appearance May 3, 1951

Schroeder is devoted to his music, alwaysimproving his craft and aspiring to thegreatness of his idol, Beethoven.Schroeder has fans of his own, though.Both Snoopy and Lucy like to perchat his piano. When he’s not playing asonata at his toy keyboard, he’s outbehind home plate calling a game asCharlie Brown’s reliable catcher.



first appearance July 13, 1954

An archeologist in the making, ifthere’s a pile of dirt around, Pig-Penwill be in it! He appreciates the finerthings in life, like soot, dust, mud andgrime. Despite his outward appearancehe always carries himself withdignity, knowing full well thathe has affixed to him the“dust of countless ages.”



first appearance July 31, 1958

Franklin is Charlie Brown’sthoughtful friend and confidant.A frequent visitor to Charlie Brown’sneighborhood, he takes the weirdnessof that beagle, the girl with the psychiatricbooth and the kid with the blanket witha grain of salt. At school Franklin sitsone seat ahead of Peppermint Patty,who pesters him for the answers!

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