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【Basic Facts】

Name:  Snoopy

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Beagle

Skin:  White in combination with black

Owner:  Charlie Brown

Favorite Food:  Dog food, biscuits, chocolate


Characteristic:  Energetic, Good in sports, Being gentle to females

Most Dislike:  Injection

Most Scared:  Cat next door (always fooled by the cat)

Usual Rest Place:  Roof of own doghouse (awaiting for food, sleeping, having day dreams, place been usually found)

Siblings:  Totally 8 in number (each residing at different families, Snoopy usually meets his family when going out to send mails.)

Best Friend:  Woodstock (always making voice expression only Snoopy could understand.)

Snoopy Ever-changing Posture:  with extraordinary imagination, Snoopy likes to act as an Author, a Surgeon, a Baseball Player, or an Attorney ……..


Snoopy is a loyal, innocent, imaginative and good-natured beagle.  His cartoon comic has been famous to the world for many years.  Fans population over the world is well over 350 million.  He is the core of Peanuts comic created by Charles M Schulz.  Snoopy is an outgoing beagle.  He also acts like an art connoisseur, especially when Snoopy having day dreams at rooftop of own doghouse.  He shows his genuine affection to Charlie Brown.  This owner with a round head treats him delicious suppers.  Snoopy is in general tough except the time he is being bored by the cat next door.  He very rarely talks (that makes Peanuts characters unique among other comic characters.)  His thoughts are not verbalized; his moods are instead conveyed through moans, yelps, growls, sobs, laughter or thought balloons (that being the unique means in Peanuts comic.)  Snoopy is super wise with high creativities.  He could write by typing.  He always started his novel with a scenery, “On a dark and rainy night, ……. “


Snoopy appeared on the 4 October 1950.  He was a puppy without a name.  On the first day of appearance, he dropped by Batty’s home with a flower.  He was called Snoopy for the first time on 10 November of the same year and was confirmed as male in sex.  It first mentioned in the comic Snoopy born on 28 August 1951.  It later mentioned Snoopy born on 10 August 1968.  The later mention was widely remembered by fans worldwide.  Consequently, 10 August became the birthday of Snoopy.  Since then, people worldwide together celebrated Snoopy’s birthday on that day.  On 5 December 1960, Snoopy’s breed was confirmed as beagle.

In the beginning, there were no details about the birth of Snoopy.  It was mentioned on 5 May 1965 that Snoopy was born at Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.  His brother, Spike was first mentioned in the Peanuts comic on 13 August 1975.  His sister, Belle appeared on 28 August 1976 when Snoopy had a stop in Texas.  Then his brothers, Marbles and Olaf, showed up on 28 September 1982 and 24 January 1989 respectively.  Andy, the last brother, showed his face on 14 February 1994.  In 1991, the shadows of Molly and Rover were seen at “Snoopy’s Reunion”.  The father showed up on 18 June 1989 and the mother on 26 July 1996.

Charlie Brown was the owner of Snoopy but it was mentioned at least twice on 3 June and 20 August 1968, Lila was the previous owner.  Snoopy was supposed to live with Lila in the film “Snoopy, Come Home”.  However, upon arriving at her residence, Snoopy was overjoyed to see a “NO DOGD ALLOWED” sign.  Lila then returned Snoopy to the puppy farm.  Later on, Charlie Brown chose Snoopy and brought him home.  In the film “Life is a Circus”, Charlie Brown was spiritually down after oppressed by his friends.  He accompanied with parents went to the puppy farm and took Snoopy home.  Snoopy, unlike other characters in the Peanuts comic, rarely talks.  He conveyed his messages via “thought balloons” since 27 May 1952.

Snoopy first appeared in the Peanuts comic on 4 October 1950.

Snoopy was taught how to walk on his hind legs in 1952.

Snoopy was posted on cover of “Time” magazine in 1965.

After doghouse caught fire in 1966, tons of letters of sympathy were received.

Charlie Brown was posted on cover of “Life” magazine in 1967.

Charlie Brown was board of spacecraft Apollo 10 in 1969.

Painting show of Snoopy Pops was hosted at Musee du Louvre, Paris in 1990.

In 2000, Snoopy was at age of 50 and Senior Charles M Schulz passed away.



In the very early years of Peanuts, Snoopy behaved much like an average, everyday pet.  Gradually, however, he became more like a human than a dog.  On 9 January 1956, Snoopy started walking on his hind legs.  As progressed, Snoopy performed self-produced “Fantasy Dance”.  Since then, after Snoopy walking like a human, there was a drastic change about Peanuts comic.  Snoopy seemed to be capable of handling complexity of life.

Snoopy doghouse came into picture on 4 September 1951 and was an ordinary one as others.  Later on, basement was shown on 31 January 1954.  Children were attracted to visit a entertainment room inside.  Besides that, there were no further details disclosed.  The author preferred to leave some rooms for people to imagine what would be inside.  That avoided disappointment if the actual did not meet the expectations.  There were no shows of Snoopy living inside the doghouse.  Snoopy started sleeping on rooftop of doghouse.  The picture then became one of the most classic post of Snoopy.

Snoopy had a social living with Charlie Brown and friends and activities around own doghouse.  Snoopy shared the same favor, the dislike of coconut candies.  Besides dog food, Snoopy liked very much to have pizza and root beer.  Later on, Snoopy ate a lot burnt marshmallow and chocolate biscuits.  He could hear people eating sound from far distance.  Other than eating food, Snoopy had a habit of reading.  He did not like books with pictures of cats, bears and snakes.  Snoopy preferred books about rabbits and books written by Alexei N Tolstoy.  In particular, he put out things about cats in living.

Snoopy liked to have role play very much.  This was his outstanding preference.  On 9 August 1951, he used his ears to simulate wings of bird.  Since 1954, Snoopy imitated other living beings, animals including snakes, rhinoceros, lions, and other like Ludwig van Beethoven and Mickey Mouse.  His famous posture was the Flying Ace at World War I and Joe Cool.  The earlier copy appeared on 10 October 1965.  The idea actually came from hand made aeroplane models of the author’s son.  The later copy came into picture on 27 May 1971.  For almost one year following, Snoopy put on sun glasses when going out.

Snoopy was well known for his novel writing being rejected by publishers from time to time.  On 12 July 1965, Snoopy first typed his writing on the rooftop of doghouse.  Snoopy rhesis, “On the dark and rainy night, ……” was then created.  Snoopy’s first two writings were popular.  He received payment of USD50 and USD75 respectively.  Publisher rejected his later writings because of poor standard.  Snoopy did not agree with the criticisms and refused to change own style.  New writings were rejected all the times.  On 27 October 1995, Snoopy managed to release his new novel but it was the last publishment.


With family of Charlie Brown

When taken home as a little beagle, Snoopy had a lot of respect to Charlie Brown.  One time on 4 April 1952, Snoopy tried to give order to CB as if he were the owner.  After being familiar with the environment and CB getting to be gentleman, Snoopy tried not to have CB as the most important friend.  He even forgot the name of the owner and called him “that round-headed kid” on 14 April 1969.  Nevertheless, Charlie Brown would never let go Snoopy and treated him supper on time.  CB tried hard to observe the request of Snoopy.  In particular, Snoopy was always the initial team member of Charlie’s baseball team.  Snoopy took CB’s place of being team captain by the end of ‘60.

Sally Brown was born after Snoopy joined the Brown family.  Snoopy was fond of Sally and play with her at childhood.  In particular on 30 August 1959, Snoopy found Sally having no bias on him when she knew he walked with 4 legs.  She seemed to be the only exception.  Therefore, Snoopy had been good to Sally.  In one instant on 13 September 1959, Snoopy gave up having supper because Sally slept with leaning on his back.  He just did not want to awake Sally.  Snoopy became to have small complaints on Sally when she got older.  Sally found Snoopy eating so much when she needed serving food at Charlie’s absence.  However, Snoopy insisted to read stories to Sally regardless the situation.  Furthermore, Snoopy always help Sally when confronting the bullies on the playground.

Starting with 23 November 1958, Snoopy began his long fight with the cat next door.  The cat was never seen in comic.  According to description in April 1972, the cat was bid in size.  It was named WWII on 20 October 1976.  Snoopy had started fooling WWII with tricks of all kinds.  Since ‘70, his doghouse was frequently damaged by the sharp cat hooks.  The cat rarely responded to Snoopy’s fooling action.  When knowing Snoopy sincerely expressed his peaceful wish, the cat returned a candy stick as a positive gesture.


With van Pelt Family

Snoopy and Lucy appeared in ’50.  Hence, they had a long and good relationship.  But Lucy’s fuss behavior kept them a distance from each other.  Lucy would criticize Snoopy in public and yet gave good suggestions to Snoopy.  Snoopy kept being gentle to Lucy and kissed her to end conflicts.  But Lucy hate kiss because she was afraid of dog germs.  Regardless of the differences, Lucy made a great presentation, “Happiness is a warm puppy” on 25 April 1960 when hugging Snoopy.

Linus appeared to have a good relationship with Snoopy.  Snoopy offered Linus to stay at his “dorm” when Lucy kicked Linus out of the house.  They did have quarrels, mainly over Snoopy’s desire to take Linus’ security blanket for him, starting from 29 March 1956.  A recurring gag involved Snoopy grabbing the blanket in his month and dragging Linus around to make him let go.  Occasionally, Snoopy went as far as to swing the blanket, with Linus still attached to it, before letting it go, sending Linus flying through the air.  As a result of this treatment, Linus threatened to inflict physical harm on Snoopy.  Easily Snoopy was scared away into submission.

Rerun, the last member of van Pelt family, came to contact with Snoopy on 27 March 1973.  After the request of having own dog denied by the family, Rerun turned to Charlie Brown to loan Snoopy.  Snoopy did not agree with the proposal.  After Snoopy got along with Rerun playing cards, playing baseball and having snow fight, they became close friends.  Snoopy shared with Rerun his anxiety and wills.  They usually ended up with smiles


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